What is Club?

What is club volleyball? Why should I play?

Club Volleyball is an opportunity to play competitive boys volleyball during the winter months, leading directly into the Boys High School Volleyball Season.

Many current high school & middle school boys volleyball players compete in club ball. On average Vanguard has 100+ Central Ohio players competing on our teams each of the past three years!

How does it work?
Vanguard hosts a tryout during the third or fourth weekend in September. Through our tryout process, Vanguard coaches, along with many High School Boys Volleyball Coaches, select each team. Players are first grouped by age (not necessarily school year), then based on ability, placed onto teams. A team can consist of multiple players from different schools in Central Ohio.

Each team is assigned a head coach and will practice twice a week. Those teams will compete within Ohio (and possibly beyond) over the course of the next four months.

When is the season & how long does it last?
November - February.

Practices will begin around the second week of November and go through the last week of February. Tournaments are played in January & February.

How many tournaments does a team play? Where are the tournaments?
On average each Vanguard team will play 5 - 7 tournaments. Most of these are in Central Ohio, Cleveland or Dayton. However, a few teams will travel to larger tournaments in St. Louis, Chicago, Penn State or Rochester.

What happens at a tournament?
Each team that competes in a tournament are guaranteed 4 matches. There is a round robin “pool play” usually beginning at 9AM. Based on the results of the pool play, each team will be seeded into a single elimination tournament. That begins around 2PM. If you win, you keep playing. If you lose, your team will need to officiate one more match prior to being allowed to leave for the day. Usually, the championship match begins around 5PM - 6PM.

What days are practices & tournaments?
Practice days really depend on what team you are on. Some practice Sunday & one other day during the week. Others practice twice on week day evenings.
Tournaments are Saturday or Sunday (or both depending on type of tournament)

What is the cost?
The cost depends on what type of team you are on & can range from our Local Teams ($400) and Regional teams ($750 - $800).

I have heard about “National Teams”. What are those?
Vanguard prides itself on offering competition options for every type of player/ability. Our National Teams are teams that compete at “Qualifiers” with the goal to earn a bid to the USA Volleyball Junior Olympic National Championship. The top 36 teams in the Nation complete at Nationals” over the course of four days in July. These teams are extremely competitive and are for the most serious of volleyball players. The fees are also higher than our Regional teams due to the amount of travel involved. Tryouts for these team are mostly by “invitation only”, yet every year we leave a spot or two open to be filled during our open tryouts.

If you are interested in competing for a spot on a National Level team, please contact either Larry Worth or Shawn Parsell about the specific details.

Is there anything else I should know about club or Vanguard?
For the first time player/parent, club is an incredible opportunity to be on teams with players from other schools & be coached by various different coaches. Vanguard teams have competed against other teams from around the state, Midwest, Nation, and from outside the US.

Vanguard tries to do our best to put each player into the greatest opportunity to increase their skill, ability & to reach their potential. Vanguard coaches are high school coaches.

We know the players. We have seen them play during their school season or club. We truly care about each player in our program. Though we not always see eye-to-eye, we respect each players’ & family’s wants, desires & goals, big & small.

Hope to see you in a Vanguard uniform soon!